ORAN SNAIL is a snail farm created in 2021 in the city of Oran, that specializes in the breeding and marketing of snails in their various forms, as well as related derivatives. 

The company provides its customers with a quality product native from Algerian fauna. The perfect breeding conditions, the favorable Mediterranean climate as well as the excellent quality of the food, ensure the exceptional quality of the snails raised.

The company has an approval for preparation, transformation, refrigeration, freezing, packaging or storage of terrestrial gasteropods from the Ministry of agriculture and rural development. Additionally, a sanitary certificate is delivered by the  veterinary services.

Our snails are shipped with all the necessary certificates and documents and are packed based on the international standards.  

ORAN SNAIL supplies the international market with high quality snails. The company is reconized for its responsibility and accessibility.

100% Fresh and Organic Premium Quality